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What Are Bach’s Flower Remedies?

bach flowers essenceBach flowers remedies are precise dilutions of aromatic flowers imprinted into rainwater by direct sunlight. These essences are then prepared by combination for specific purposes and sometimes further extracted by brandy infusion.  This is a branch of homeopathy developed by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the early 1930s. These remedies are used for emotional and spiritual conditions primarily, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress. The rescue remedy, in fact is one the most sought after natural remedies for quickly relieving the effects of stress and depression.


These homeopathic remedies contain “energetic” imprint of the flower that is directly overlayed on the person needing emotional or psychological support. It helps physical issues by addressing the source of the illness rather than the effects. Bach flower remedies are homeopathic because they are highly diluted in rain or spring water, are vibrational medicines using the memory of water molecules. They bring balance and natural healing into the person taking it.


Homeopathy is “Law of Attraction” Natural Medicine

Homeopathy is Law of Attraction medicine, because it is vibrational medicine that uses “signatures” that match the exact symptoms to a remedy that does the same, and therefore draws out the substance on the same vibrational frequency that is causing the symptoms in the first place. This “water imprinting” has been scientifically shown in laboratory conditions by Dr. Masaru Emoto in his groundbreaking work “Water Crystal Healing.” This shows how water is affected by the environment it is located in as well as the vibrations of humans that are affecting it by intention or prayer.


Remember, that humans, plants and animals are made up of primarily water. What Dr. Emoto did was to take water crystals from different environments and froze them into water crystals. These crystals are then examined under a darkfield microscope and will display the fruits of their environment.


high vibration water crystal

Water Crystal from Pristine Spring

low vibration crystal

Same Crystal With Negative Intention Applied

water flower crystal

Water Crystal from Flower Essence











If the environment is clean, pure and positive, the water crystal will be beautifully formed like a unique perfect snowflake. If it is in a toxic environment, it will display a sick looking pattern. Water can be taken from a sick state to a beautiful state by intention, prayer and high vibrational substances, particularly flowers! Each flower has a specific vibration and effects a specific condition in people who are out of balance in this area.

Dr. Bach Flower Essences

There are 38 primary essences and blends that Dr. Edward Bach (you can see them in living color in the Encyclopedia of Bach Remedies) created and now there are some other blends that people are using that can help us with modern world situations. These are very gentle, yet powerful essences that will have a profound positive effect on your health, Mind Body and Spirit. You can get these wonderful essences online individually or as a kit. Click the following link for the most popular remedy: Bach Flower Remedies!

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