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Use Homeopathy To Quit Smoking!



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Homeopathic Remedy to Stop Smoking

If your New Years resolution is to quit smoking, you’re not alone. It tops the list of almost everyone’s list, with natural weight loss as a very close second. They are even probably related. If you’re currently smoking, then you’re not going to be in the best cardio-vascular shape that you could be in. You also are generating a whole lot of extra estrogenic compounds (and not the healthy progesterone types either.) Not good if you’re a man, and not healthy for women either.

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Fortunately Homeopathy to Quit Smoking Cigarettes works wonders in helping you get past the urges, mood swings and finger wrenching cravings. That’s exactly where homeopathic remedies for smoking shine. They work on the emotional body primarily, which is exactly what trying to quit cold turkey would bring up in your face in a powerful way. Homeopathy can stop the smoking gun from shooting you again with undeniable cravings, urges and even cold panic. 


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Blocks to Quitting Smoking

The main roadblocks that you may encounter are the emotional triggers to smoking:

  • Cravings (due to nicotine withdrawal)
  • Mood Swings (irritability because your mind wants you to smoke)
  • Panic (sense of doom and not knowing what to do) 

As you notice, these are all emotional based triggers that usually have you reaching for that cigarette to stop the madness you’re feeling from nicotine withdrawal, and not being busy smoking for relief.


You can get the relief from homeopathy and stop the other triggers from stopping you again. You can use specific brainwave frequencies to help stop the nicotine urges in the brain. You just listen and reprogram your desire to grab that cigarette by short-circuiting the brain pathway that creates the illusion of a physical need to have a cigarette in your hand.


Another easy to use natural method to stop smoking is using EFT. EFT Tapping Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help you stop the triggers that have you reaching for that cigarette on auto pilot! It is based upon acupuncture, but no needles, just tapping with your fingers over specific points on your body while reprogramming behaviors you want removed or changed for the better.


You should by all means try homeopathy for quitting smoking first, because it is the safest method, and works at the deepest level too. It is not a band-aid, but actually treats the cause of the emotional triggers that lead to not being able to kick the habit for good. Smoke Deter is a great choice because it’s the all-in-one homeopathic remedy to quit smoking. 


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More Help to Quit Smoking

You can also get Nicorette gum, electronic cigarettes or smoking patches that will help you in the beginning while you’re easing off the nicotine cravings that keep you hooked like a big tuna. They can be used with homeopathy, as you ramp down till you’re only using homeopathy. For more information on quitting cigarettes for good, checkout this handy guide to stop smoking naturally.


 homeopathic remedy to stop smoking

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