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Bach Rescue Remedy

What is Bach Rescue Remedy? The Original Rescue Remedy by Bach (Dr. Edward Bach) is probably the most effective stress relieving and emergency panic formula ever created! It is so easy to use and is safe for people of all ages as well as animals and pets! It is homeopathically derived from the essences of specific flowers that work powerfully on your emotional body and mind. You can either put a few drops in a glass of water and sip it over the day or take a spray formula.

Dr Bach is a Harley Street Doctor, Homeopathic Researcher, Bacteriologist, and Naturopathic Physician. Dr. Bach believes that a good attitude plays an important role in health and well being of the body. He developed this line of flower essences to address a wide range of emotional dis-function to bring the body and mind into a balance. Rescue Remedy is a unique combination of 5 flower essences designed to help one better cope with the everyday stresses of life.


Dr. Bach Flowers


Bach's Flower Essences

Bach's Flower Essences can greatly help you when your emotional system is imbalanced. I'm sure you've heard that our sense of smell is the most powerful of all 5 natural senses (not including the 6th sense, which is very real but not physical.) Scents can affect you powerfully, make you laugh, make you cry, make you happy, make you relax and move you to another place and time as the scent of a flowery perfume a loved one or relative has worn before.


Dr. Edward Bach created a flower essence for many specific emotional and psychological issues. There is even a kit at the bottom of this article that can help you get relief from most challenging emotional issues easily and safely. These flower essences pass through the blood brain barrier and can “rescue” you from stressful conditions, help you sleep or energize you, depending on the flower essences used in the formula. The Bach Rescue Remedy is the most common flower essence remedy because it is a powerful instant stress reliever. It's called instant calm!


Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy Spray, 20 ml

Bach Rescue Remedy, 20 ml

Two quick sprays instantly recreate the same results as using the liquids, without the need to mix formula with water!Contains the identical formulation to the Rescue Remedy liquid.For people on the go, rescue Remedy Spray is a fast acting and accurate way to deliver the emotional relief of Rescue Remedy!Instructions: Two sprays deliver equivalent amount of remedy as 4 drops of Rescue Remedy liquid, which is the recommended dosage. Can also be used topically or as a room spray.


Bach Flower Remedies Rescue

Bach Flower Remedies Rescue uses a specific blend of the five most relaxing flower essences Dr. Bach has professionally patient tested. They include Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. You can see the exact flower remedy and what each flower essence does for your mind and body in the following section. The main Bach's Rescue Remedy is pictured above.


The rescue remedy works wonders on relieving stress when nothing else will. It does it very quickly too. It brings instant ease to your mind, soothes your emotions and relaxes your body naturally. Everyone should have it in their holistic or homeopathic first aid kit. It is very safe for children, seniors, adults and even your four legged best friends. Their sense of smell is even stronger than ours, and it works as you would expect for them. Superb! 


bachs rescue remedy


Bach Rescue Remedy Ingredients

What are the Bach Rescue Remedy Ingredients and how do affect your mind, body and spirit? Good question and here is your answer:

  • “Impatiens” flower essence has been found to be useful for irritation and frustration.
  • “Star of Bethlehem” is for after effects of shock, or bad news.
  • “Cherry Plum” is for fear of losing control.
  • “Rock Rose” is for terror after being in an accident or witnessing an accident.
  • “Clematis” is for those who find it hard to live in the real world.

It's completely non-toxic and safe so you can't “overdose” like you would on traditional harmful chemical compounds. There is no dependency either as it is not habit forming. It quickly and simply calms your mind and emotions down after something has triggered an anxiety or hormonal attack on you. You just take it as you need it, a few sprays usually lasts for hours so you're completely covered if you're out and can't get home or to a safe spot. This is so highly recommended that it should be in every emergency medicine cabinet.


Stressed? Let Flowers Rescue You.


It is an all-natural homeopathic remedy and supports your body to produce the natural serotonin that calms you down. Homeopathy like the Bach Rescue Remedy works differently than pharmaceutical medicines or drugs. Drugs interfere with bodily processes; they “brute force” a problem into submission. Homeopathy reinforces the body's own natural healthy energetic patterns. That's why it's so safe for even children to take. You can start feeling relaxed now. Click on the button below to get fast relief anywhere you are.


bach rescue night


Bach's Rescue Sleep

Bach rescue remedy has a night time formula specifically for insomnia and to allow your mind, emotions and nerves to relax so you can fall and stay asleep! It's called Bach's Rescue Sleep or Bach Rescue Night (pictured above, click on the bottle for more information or to get yours.) It is a natural homeopathic medicine for sleep and insomnia relief. There are no side effects, you don't wake up groggy, but energized due to full, peaceful and restful sleep. Just what your body needs!


If you have trouble sleeping due to emotional stress, or have a very active mind that keeps you awake, then the Bach rescue remedy will be a Godsend for you. No need to medicate. Just use the Bach flower essences for sleep and allow your mind, body and spurt to relax so you can get a full nights rest without tossing and turning all night long. Your most important resource isn't money, it's time! How you sleep affects your next day and how you react to people and situations. Make it your best with the Bach rescue remedy for sleep!


Stress Relief for Pets


Bach's Rescue Remedy for Pets

Your best friend (the four legged ones) can feel psychological and emotional stress too. They can read your emotions from a mile away (no, really!) It's been documented that they somehow know when you're even thinking about coming home, and will be at the door waiting in anticipation! Bach's Rescue Remedy for Pets (pictured above, click on the image to get information or help your best friend) helps them not feel stressed, depressed, nervous or anxious when they pick up on your or other people's energies.


Some of our beloved pets can die of heartbreak. They are beautiful, feeling and loving beings, and we are so blessed to have them sharing our lives and love. You can help them by using natural homeopathic flower essences of the Bach rescue remedy that balance their thoughts and emotions too. They are more sensitive than we humans are, and need reassurance, love, understanding and using natural remedies instead of chemical medicines is the best thing you can do to help them have the live they deserve. 


Bach rescue remedy


Bach Flower Remedy Kit

You can even be prepared for anything with a complete Bach Flower Remedy Kit! It has the rescue remedies, sleep remedies, specific issue remedies and even remedies that sharpen your mind and energize you. I highly recommend you try them because they are so unbelievably powerful yet gentle on your mind and body. They can help you deal with just about anything the world throws your way. No need to breakdown, lash out at others or hide in a corner anymore.


Use the Bach rescue remedy and flower essences for increased self-confidence, to stop pre-exam stress, for that job interview, intimate meeting or just to experience life in a more enlightened feeling way. I absolutely love using the Bach Rescue Remedy and Flower Essences. The sense of smell is so important to me and I can recognize when someone I know is near by their smell a lot of times.


The Bach rescue remedy and flower essence lingers and creates emotions in your body. It can help balance your olfactory (sense of smell) glands so you can recognize specific scents better too. Get any of the above flower essences or more information on each individual type by clicking on the image or to get a complete kit visit: Bach Flower Essence Kit.

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