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Homeopathy for Herpes

Herpes affects 50 million plus people in the U.S. alone. About 80% of population don't even know they have it! It is caused by a virus HSV-1 (Oral Herpes) and HSV-2 (Genital Herpes). It usually hides dormant in your body so you won't know it's there until your immune becomes weakened and then the herpes virus can wreak havoc in your body! Choosing Homeopathy for Herpes and Shingles, helps you prevent future outbreaks and balances your natural immunity.

Natural Homeopathy for Herpes Remedies can be a God send to those who have happened to come in contact with it. Herpes can be a really socially embarrassing condition to come down with. It leaves its mark of fever blisters, cold sores and really nasty genital sores and blisters that itch. It's highly contagious in its active state and makes the person suffering with it, not want to go out and have fun with everyone else.

signs of herpes

Signs and Symptoms of Herpes

What are the most common Signs and Symptoms of Herpes? Here are the most common symptoms for herpes and shingles:

  • Oral Cold Sores that eventually blister and pop (they may be painful and itchy)
  • Genital sores or lesions that can feel warm and itchy
  • Rash (usually on the back or sides) known as Shingles
  • Swollen Lymph Glands (this is usually on the first outbreak, but can reappear)

There are two main types (Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster) that primarily show up in the oral area (mouth, face and throat) or the genital area (creative organs and rectum area). Using natural homeopathy for herpes will help stop both types of herpes. Here are some facts about herpes that can make identification and treatment a lot easier to resolve:


Top 10 Herpes Facts (Sex Health Guru Tip)


Is Shingles Herpes?

Is Shingles Herpes? Herpes and Shingles are caused by different viruses but are similar enough that they respond to the same natural treatment. Most people are actually carriers, but are not showing any herpes signs or symptoms because it's not active. It can make life feel real miserable, and contact with another human, very limited.


The Shingles and Herpes virus becomes active when we come into physical contact (oral or genital) with someone who is usually in the active state, and showing fever blisters or genital warts. You can see shingles pictures and herpes pictures and affected areas below and then how to treat it naturally and stop the symptoms from wreaking havoc on your health and life. There is a Herpes Test Kit that you can use from home to see if you have the herpes virus and what type.


oral herpes blisters

what does herpes sores look like

What do Herpes Bumps Look Like?

What do Herpes Bumps Look Like? See the above picture that shows herpes on the lips or mouth (Oral herpes) and also what herpes looks like on the vag and on men. The main thing is that you treat it as soon as you can because it can become life threatening if you immune system becomes compromised. It doesn't have to be that way though. You need to keep your immune system strong and balanced to prevent outbreaks and other autoimmune and immune system issues. See: How to Boost Your Immune system naturally to keep your immunity boosted and you'll be fine.


Keep your body as alkaline as possible because if it becomes too acidic you can trigger an outbreak. Once you treat the viral infection it will become less and less prone to erupt and eventually be non-existent. Below you will see the best natural treatment for herpes that can help you eliminate the herpes virus and shingles symptoms for good. 


Homeopathy for Herpes Relief

You need to treat the viral cause first, and then the herpes and shingles symptoms with outbreak relief topical creams. Using Homeopathy for herpes relief really helps. There are natural immunity boosting supplements that help prevent future herpes outbreaks so you can avoid the humiliating herpes symptoms like cold sores and blisters. Use the best immunity boosters along with the best homeopathy for herpes remedies (shown at the bottom of this page) and you can avoid herpes outbreaks and infections now and in the future.


Natural Remedies for Herpes

Here are the Natural Remedies for Herpes. It treats the viral cause and relieves your shingles symptoms too.

  • Immune Support (pictured above) is a natural immunity booster and balancer, it stops viruses and bacteria from taking over and prevents a weakened immune system (how herpes awakens and replicates.)
  • Zeolite is a natural antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal natural mineral. It is also the #1 heavy metal detox, and natural cancer preventative.
  • Essential Oil Lip Balm for Herpes (an organic essential oil lip balm for herpes and shingles symptoms, particularly on the lips or mouth area)
  • L-Lysine is a natural amino acid that helps prevent herpes outbreaks
  • Soak the affected areas with a sea salt solution (half a teaspoon of salt to half a pint of warm water) twice a day
  • Organic CBD Cream is a natural pain reliever and antiviral and deep tissue healing nutrient. It stops the itching, swelling, redness and causes a rapid healing response. Highly Recommended!
  • Wear extra loose clothing for comfort and air circulation
  • Use an ice-pack wrapped in a towel over the affected area
  • If urination is painful, try doing it in a bath of water with Epsom salt, or pour warm water over yourself while urinating

Use the following homeopathy for herpes remedies below to stop and prevent infections and herpes symptoms. Get plenty of rest, and try not to get too stressed out about this. Stress weakens the immune system and makes your symptoms feel much worse. Rest, relax and begin a natural treatment, like homeopathy for herpes and your symptoms will ease, and you can get back to your normal “life in progress” and start having fun again.

herpes remedy

Cold Sore Remedy

Cold Sore Lip and Skin is a natural Cold Sore Remedy for Herpes that works! It is highly recommended because it stops cold sores from erupting on your lips and skin. It is fast acting and can help keep cold sores from returning. Here is what Cold Sore Remedy can do for you:

  • Promotes healing of Cold Sores
  • Soothes the Itching that may cause scarring
  • Soothes Painful Fever Blisters
  • Calms the Swelling and Redness
  • Your Partner Really wants you to get this right now!
  • 100% Organic and Guaranteed to work for YOU! 

If you want to heal and balance your immune system so you won't have herpes outbreaks when under a lot of stress, then you might want to get the homeopathic remedy for herpes and shingles or the homeopathic medicine kit for herpes to help stop viruses from overtaking your immune system again. HRPZ is a Homeopathy for Herpes remedy that helps stop the most common herpes symptoms.


Herpes can make your social life miserable. You can heal from herpes and prevent it from coming back again if you balance the susceptibility to the infection using homeopathy for herpes. If you want to get rid of herpes permanently and prevent if from coming back then I'd highly recommend the homeopathy for herpes kit below.

homeopathy for herpes

Homeopathic Remedy for Herpes

Homeopathy for Herpes Relief Kit (shown above.)  Here is how it relieves your herpes and shingles symptoms quickly:

  • Quickly & Safely Relieves Herpes Symptoms
  • Soothes the Itching that may cause scarring
  • Soothes Painful Fever Blisters
  • Promotes healing of Cold Sores
  • Calms the Swelling and Redness
  • Fast Acting Remedy with Sustained Lasting Healing
  • Your Partner Really wants you to get this right now!
  • 100% Organic and Guaranteed to work for YOU! 

The best way to relieve your herpes symptoms and prevent an embarrassing and painful relapse is to get the Homeopathic Herpes Remedies Kit (shown above.) It quickly relieves your genital herpes symptoms, naturally heal cold sores, boost your immune system and prevent future herpes outbreaks now! 

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