Natural Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome

what is rls


What is RLS?

If you’ve ever lay in bed and wondered why your legs suddenly felt awkward and when the uncomfortable feeling in your legs would stop, then you may want to read further. RLS, the common abbreviation for Restless Leg Syndrome (or Restless Legs Syndrome) is the automatic feeling of something uncomfortable or irritating in your legs and lower extremities that seems to be out of your control.



It is also commonly referred to PLMS (Periodic Leg Muscle Disorder). There are some telltale symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome that can let you know that is in fact what you are experiencing. It can be from a host of medical conditions or even taking prescription medicines, particularly those for anxiety, depression or even nausea. Pregnancy can also be a factor.


symptoms of rls


Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

You will most likely notice one or more of the following RLS Symptoms:

  • Uncontrollable Jerking
  • Automatic Twitching
  • Painful Cramping
  • Tightness or Stiffness
  • Heaviness
  • Burning
  • Numbness
  • Uneasiness
  • Painful Legs

If you are someone you know is displaying any of the above symptoms of RLS then you have Restless Leg Syndrome!


symptoms of rls


Restless Leg Syndrome Causes

So, what causes RLS? Restless Leg Syndrome causes are being linked to stress (of course), glutamate consumption (MSG), lack of minerals in the diet (or through supplementation) and heavy metals exposure, most likely found from drinking tap water, (see “Is Tap Water Safe?”) and is most common in people with Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s because of the mercury and nervous system toxicity issues. Also Diabetes Mellitus and Arthritis can cause restless leg syndrome to become more likely. 


Zeolite can be taken to help detox heavy metals from the body and take away the one of the most probable causes. It can also help relax the muscles as it’s a natural alkaline mineral that is a potent detoxifier. It is best to treat RLS as soon as possible as it’s an underlying condition to many diseases and letting you know that you need to detox the toxins out of your body asap.


If left untreated it can lead to all sorts of nervous system diseases, like those listed above as well as MS, MD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Daytime Sleepiness, Anxiety Symptoms, OCD symptoms, and even depressionMeditation is a natural stress relief technique that you can use whenever you feel your stress level is high or you feel RLS coming on. It is not a cure, but something that you can do that may help while you detox and get rid of the cause of RLS:


For more meditation information visit: Guided Meditation Techniques


Natural RLS Treatment

The best natural RLS treatment stops the source of your restless legs, not only the symptoms. Since there are a few causes, you’ll want to choose the one that fits your situation the best first. Begin by reading labels when you buy food, and avoid excess glutamate (MSG). Do a regular heavy metals detox and take colloidal minerals to make sure you are not mineral deficient (a major cause of RLS.)


Taking a Quinine based Tonic Water can also be very helpful for RLS. Not the overly sweetened brand but a concentrated source that doesn’t overly raise your blood sugar, can really be helpful to prevent your restless leg syndrome from keeping you up at night. Have a sip of the high quinine tonic water before sleep and it can be a godsend.


One thing that I totally recommend if you under a lot of stress lately is to use the Bach Flower Remedy (which works to calm an overactive or stressed emotional or state of mind) called Rescue Remedy. It is a anti-stress homeopathic remedy and will keep you calm and cool under stress. 



natural remedies for rls


Homeopathic Remedies for RLS are highly recommended as they work to restore proper nervous system balance, as well as hormonal balance. It works with your body (unlike most prescription drugs, that work against it) for safe, natural relief from Restless Legs Syndrome Symptoms and allows you to be calm, get a good nights sleep and have some peace of mind quickly! You can get fast relief from RLS symptoms now by trying this fully guaranteed natural RLS Treatment.  




Natural Remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome

Homeopathy gives you a great Natural Remedy for restless leg syndrome. It balances your hormones, and restores your body (and restless legs) to their normal healthy state. Calms the nerves and urge to keep moving your legs to perceived pain. Twitch-Less is a RLS Relief Formula that Relieves Restless Leg Symptoms and Finally Gives You a Healthy Night’s Sleep. Click on the Twitch-Less bottle or Order Now button for more information and lose your Restless Legs urges safely and quickly.


Twitch-Less RLS remedy

Twitch-Less Benefits:

  • Quickly Begins relieving restless leg symptoms particularly the compelling urge to move your legs because of jerking, twitching, cramping, heaviness, numbness, sensations of pain
  • Gives you, non-addictive safe relief without any negative side effects associated with prescription restless leg symptom relief medications
  • Recommended for both men and women

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