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Depression Treatment for SAD

 Natural Seasonal Affective Disorder Remedies


Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

seasonal affective disorder pictureSeasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a form of mild to moderate depression that usually happens when the seasons change, which causes our mental state to become out of balance and stuck. When this happens we just feel a sense of sadness or low energy, and the urge to do nothing but just sit in a corner or lie down and do nothing. If you feel that you’re suffering from a more serious form of deep depression then click here, otherwise read on and you’ll get past your SADness quickly.


It’s usually not a chronic condition, but can last for a month or so if don’t get any help for your condition. It’s also not the end of the world, although people going through it say it can feel that way sometimes. There is one good thing here, and that is that there is a natural remedy (as well as some simple things you can do) that will lift you out of your slump and get you back to feeling on top of the mountain again.

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Here are the most common symptoms of SAD:

  • Sense of Loneliness
  • Sense of Sadness (for no apparent reason)
  • Feeling Hopeless
  • Feeling Gloomy
  • Loss of Self-Confidence
  • Melancholy
  • Unnecessary Worry or Apprehension

If you have any of these SAD symptoms or a combination of them, then you may want to have a natural remedy at your side that will give you an “out” so you can feel yourself again in a hurry. No need to let your sadness take over your life, there is help for you.


SAD Help

Homeopathy Medicines for SAD work wonders because they work on the emotional level, exactly what is being affected by SAD. It doesn’t “force” anything, rather is balances an overactive side of the brain and brings your brain back into balance. It’s been known that if the left side of your brain is damaged, it’s very difficult to be happy. I would have thought the other way around, but the science is pretty clear on this.


Not only will homeopathic remedies for seasonal affective disorder help you feel happy and yourself again, it can improve your total mental clarity, as it bring “whole brain thinking” into play by balancing your brain hemispheres and bringing you peace and expanded awareness.  You can Click Here for additional natural therapies for SAD like indoor lighting and color therapies, although I do recommend that you try homeopathy first because it can help you right now!

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Natural SAD Remedies

If the change in weather is causing your to feel depressed, blue or just not yourself, then you’re not alone. It is actually a lot more common that most people think. It’s because they are not the ones going out and telling everyone “hey, I feel sad or depressed for no particular reason.” And this is exactly why it is a good idea to have a rock that you can lean on when those feelings do arise within you. Try the remedies for seasonal affective disorder below and you can begin to feel free and happy again:

  • Natural Sunlight Therapy (20+ minutes of sunlight before 10am or after 2pm – this is the natural SAD lamp!)
  • Full Spectrum Lighting (These SAD lights Provide natural mood enhancement as well as natural vitamin D)
  • MoodBrite (Natural Homeopathic Medicine made exclusively for Seasonal Affective Disorder Relief)
  • St. John’s Wort (A very potent natural anti-depressant that is used in Europe over toxic pharmaceuticals)
  • Omega 3 Oils (Allows for brain and emotion neurotransmitters to work properly – you feel better)
  • SAM-e (A natural mood elevator as well as liver and joint pain reliever)
  • Lithium Oronate (Dr. John Gray “Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars” recommends this)
  • Caffeine – Coffee, Yerba Mate Tea, Yerba Mate Capsules  (Yerba Mate has twice the caffeine as coffee without the jitters)
  • Melatonin (Natural Hormone that balances our circadian rhythm – our sleep / wake cycle and sleep is very important for mood)
  • ExerciseAt least 20 Minutes per day of the moderate exercise, preferably outdoors or at a gym with other people (If you can’t go outside then get some home gym equipment) Exercise will naturally boost your feel good hormones.
  • Color Therapy (choose bright colors, particularly yellow and green)
  • The Sedona Method (A fast no-stress way to move past ANY obstacle or feeling)
  • Feeling Good (Book by Dr. Burns, that has helped thousands of people)


Finally, you can get back to enjoying yourself and being (and attracting) other people who can help you feel fully alive again. That’s where having a natural homeopathic remedy for Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD can be priceless. Let’s face it, the only thing in life that really matters is how you feel. If you’re happy, you can be on top of the world, and you attract more of those people who can totally make you feel like you’re on “cloud nine” and fulfilled in life.


A Homeopathic SAD Remedy

Homeopathy works so well because it works on the emotional body, which is what causes us to feel happy or sad. Treat this and your symptoms of sadness will subside and be replaced by feelings of freedom and happiness. Using MoodBrite can help you get past Seasonal Affective Disorder’s symptoms in a hurry. It works safely (no drugged out side effects here), just a natural balancing and feelings of being yourself fully again. Click on the MoodBrite bottle or Order Now button below and begin feeling good right now!


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MoodBrite Benefits

  • Feel Good Now!
  • Relieves Melancholy
  • Stops the Gloominess
  • Relieves Sadness
  • Restores Self-Confidence
  • Stops the Feelings of Loneliness
  • Feel Yourself Again Quickly!
  • Provide fast, doctor-formulated relief with no negative side effects

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