Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism

homeopathic medicine for hypothyroidism

Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland is functioning more slowly than normal. Not to be confused with hyperthyroidism is where the thyroid gland is working too quickly. An underactive thyroid gland can cause severe weight gain with the inability to get the weight off. It lowers your rate of metabolism (how many calories you burn) all day long. It can make you feel sluggish and even depressed. It is very important to your overall health to choose a Natural Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism so you can be at your ideal weight and protect your body from excess radiation too.


Homeopathic medicine for hypothyroidism can help balance your natural thyroid hormone levels to prevent hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) as well as hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid.) Hypothyroidism is by far the most common type of thyroid issue along with Hashimoto’s Thyroid. Hypothyroidism is becoming increasingly common in today’s society with all the extra work our thyroids have to do to detox the many chemicals in our foods and drinking water supplies. Your thyroid gland manages a lot of your body’s hormone production as well as your first level immune system protector. How do you know if your thyroid gland is underactive? 


signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism


Underactive Thyroid Symptoms

There are a lot of signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism that you will notice when your thyroid is becoming overly sluggish. Here are the most common Underactive Thyroid Symptoms:

  • Feeling Tired or Lethargic Frequently
  • General Muscular Weakness
  • Feeling Melancholic or Depressed
  • Dry or Cracked Skin
  • Vaginal Dryness in Women
  • Headaches and Joint Pain
  • Constipation
  • Trouble Remembering Things

If you have any of these symptoms of an underactive thyroid, you most likely are dealing with an underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism. It is important that you treat it as soon as you can as it can lead to serious illness as well as continued weight gain. 


Hashimoto's Disease


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (HT) is the #1 most common cause of an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) in the United States. It was named after Dr. Hakaru Hashimoto who first discovered it about 1912. It is also referred to as Hashimoto’s Disease. It is an autoimmune condition that causes your body to attack your own thyroid gland like it doesn’t belong in your body.


It frequently leads to other conditions like gastro-intestinal disorders like Celiac’s Disease and even Diabetes. HT also causes a condition of chronic inflammation in your body that if left unchecked can cause problems in your body like, heart problems and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Learning How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally will balance your immune system and boost what is low while getting rid of what is causing an autoimmune response. Watch this video by Dr. Tent (a Naturopathic Physician) that shows that the cause of autoimmune diseases is from viruses:


The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses


Diet For Hypothyroidism

What is the Best Diet for Hypothyroidism? There are a few things you should include and a few things you need to avoid to heal from Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism. Here are the things you must avoid, as they make the condition worse:

  • GMO Foods (particularly soy)
  • Aspartame (NutraSweet, and other harmful food additives)
  • Fluoride (Use Fluoride-free toothpaste and don’t drink fluoridated tap water)
  • Iodized Table Salt (use natural sea salt, Himalayan or Celtic salt instead)
  • Unsaturated fats (use coconut oil, organic butter, ghee or other natural saturated fats)
  • Gluten (try the Gluten Free Diet) to see if you have gluten sensitivity
  • Raw Cruciferious vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or turnips (Brassica family)

What to Eat:

  • High Quality Proteins (Organic Protein, Chia or Flax seed, Organic Whey Protein, Eggs)
  • Superfoods (Green Vegetables, spirulina, chlorella, almonds, walnuts)
  • Healthy Oils (Coconut Oil, Organic Butter or Ghee, Grapeseed or Flax Seed Oil)
  • Keto Diet (good for Hashimoto’s)
  • Homeopathy for Weight Loss diet

If you haven’t already, begin to Juice and use it to replace one meal. You can also use a simple blender, rather than juicing as it keeps the healthy fiber.) Drink Filtered Alkaline Water only, no tap, or bottled waters, as they have fluoride and other harmful chemicals placed in them. Exercise at least once per day, even if it’s a 20 minute walk. Best if you can break a sweat or use a sauna if you have one available to help you detox.


natural thyroid boosters


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone TSH

The very best way to increase your thyroid production is by using a Natural Thyroid Stimulating Hormone TSH boosting supplement like Thyroid Support (shown above.) This is because if you just push thyroid hormone into your body you will shut off your natural production and be worse off than when you began. If you give your body the correct nutrients it will produce optimum levels for the long-term. There are a few critical nutrients that do this for you naturally. A combination of herbs like Ashwagandha, Kelp (natural iodine); vitamins like B12, and minerals like selenium and zinc. There are so many benefits of having a naturally boosted and balanced thyroid gland like the following:

  • Weight Loss (your metabolism is now what it should be)
  • Natural Energy (your thyroid controls how fast or slow you turn food into fuel)
  • Prevents Radiation Uptake (radiation poisoning from exposure)
  • Proper Circulation (prevents feeling cold all the time)
  • Prevent Constipation
  • Increases Circulation to your organs and skin (prevents dry, flaky skin)
  • Prevents Edema (swelling)
  • Prevents Voice cracking or hoarseness
  • Increases natural strength and prevents feeling weak (e.g., lost grip strength)
  • Balances cholesterol levels
  • Prevents chronic muscle pain, including allodynia (tender to touch)
  • Reduces joint stiffness (knees, spine, or wrists)
  • Helps normalize heavy menstrual periods
  • Natural depression booster
  • Prevents Brachycardia (slow heart rate)
  • Stops Chronic “brain fog” or memory loss

These are some very important benefits! Keep your thyroid healthy, balanced and naturally boosted and you will look and feel your best, and help prevent thyroid cancer, goiter, radiation poisoning as well as skin and joint conditions like arthritis!




Natural Thyroid Support Supplements

Here is the best Natural Thyroid Support Supplements. With Hashimoto’s you first need to address the autoimmune condition (which typically a virus) that is causing your body to mistakenly attack itself, and in this case the thyroid gland. Using a natural Zeolite supplement can help cleanse the thyroid and protect your immune system from damage. 


Begin by boosting and balancing your immune system and protecting your thyroid gland with nano colloidal nascent iodine. The type of iodine is vitally important, as most sources are actually sea sources, that may be contaminated with radiation now because of the Fukushima radiation disaster. Here’s what you can do right now to improve your thyroid health:

  • Detoxadine (Organic Nano Colloidal Nascent Iodine protects and boosts your thyroid gland production and hormones naturally)
  • Zeotrex (Heavy Metal Detox, Radiation Remover, Immunity Booster with Medicinal Mushrooms)
  • Detox Foot Pads (Potent Heavy Metal and Toxin remover, easy way to detox while you sleep)

Do these things and you will naturally boost your thyroid function and improve your immune system, boost your metabolism and lose weight naturally. It will help you feel a whole lot better a whole lot quicker too! If you are looking for a homeopathic medicine for underactive thyroid, then you’ll find it right below.


Homeopathy for Hypothyroidism


Homeopathic Medicine for Hypothyroidism

If you want a homeopathic treatment for thyroid balance, particularly if you have an underactive thyroid then Homeopathic Medicine for Hypothyroidism are what you need. Goitease (pictured above) is a natural homeopathic medicine for thyroid balance and health. You can use it to keep your thyroid gland healthy and to balance your thyroid hormones so they stay at a healthy level. It naturally helps prevent and treat goiter and enlarged or swollen thyroid glands.


If you have low thyroid levels then you can use the homeopathic medicine kit for hypothyroidism. It is a thyroid cleanser, healer, and hormone balancer. It will prevent low thyroid function and symptoms of hypothyroidism. It nourishes your thyroid so it can protect your body from harmful radiation and environmental toxins. It will help restore normal metabolic function (healthy metabolism) and will help you get to your ideal weight. To heal and protect your thyroid now, click on the Homeopathy for Hypothyroidism Kit below.


homeopathic remedy for hypothyroidism

Keto Diet for Weight Loss

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