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Thrush Treatment

Thrush Treatment


Thrush Symptoms


Thrush Symptoms

Thrush is a highly contagious condition caused by a specific type of fungus called Candida Albicans. It is the cause of most all fungal diseases in men, women and children. It occurs frequently in infants and children, and then periodically in men and women. It is one of those conditions that does not go away on it’s own. You need to take some action to remove the conditions that are causing it.


Here are the most common thrush symptoms:

  • small white or gray eruptions on the mouth, throat, and tongue
  • fever
  • colic
  • diarrhea
  • itching or burning skin
  • fatigue
  • congestion
  • headaches
  • indigestion
  • poor bowel function
  • bad breath
  • joint pain
  • mold sensitivity
  • moodiness

If you are experiencing any of the above thrush symptoms, particularly if you notice more than one at a time, then you should look into using a natural Thrush Treatment like Candidate S.O.S. and cut back on simple sugars as much as you can. Take a look at the Yeast Infection Guide to stop it from dampening your health and wellness.


Mouth Thrush

Mouth Thrush is the most common of all types of thrush. You can tell by the telltale white dots in the mouth, throat and tongue. Having mouth thrush leaves your whole oral cavity feeling dry and sticky at the same time. It’s not serious in itself, but it can lead to other illnesses and being prone to being sick all the time. Having a yeast infection in any part of your body drains your energy and cause mood swings in men in women experiencing thrush symptoms.


Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal Thrush is your typical yeast infection in women. Since it is a dark, moist and warm location, Candida Albicans finds a home that it really loves if it stays that way for long. It causes the area to smell rather “funky” and lovers to avoid foreplay. The key is to keep the area clean and dry as much as possible. Also let the area dry out whenever you can. If you’re experiencing vaginal thrush symptoms consider opting for cotton panties, instead of nylon or man-made materials whenever you can. Clean the whole area with organic apple cider vinegar and some strong paper towels three times a day to make the area inhospitable to vaginal thrush.


Thrush in Men

Men are not immune to this condition either. Thrush in Men is fairly common, particularly those men that live in warm, moist climates, or even athletes who sweat a lot. It shows up in men as Penile Thrush (Penis Thrush) and can lead to foul smelling odors coming from that area.  Consider carrying a small spray bottle filled with organic apple cider vinegar and spray the area whenever you can. Also opt for loose fitting briefs or boxer shorts if you’re experiencing Thrush in Men.


Thrush Treatment

Homeopathy shines in conditions where the body is out of balance. Homeopathic remedies restore natural balance and it works really well as an all natural Thrush Treatment because it attracts it and draws it out like a magnet does loose metal filings. It is a very safe and effective treatment and does not have any side effects like standard medications, most of which actually do not fill the void left by thrush, so it quickly comes back with a vengeance! I recommend using Candidate S.O.S. and looking at the Yeast Infection Guide as the cornerstone of getting a complete thrush treatment that works long-term.


Thrush Symptom
Provides Relief
Itching or burning skin
Poor bowel function
Joint aches
Offensive breath
Poor memory
Sensitive emotions
Changing moods
Mold sensitivity


Click on the Candidate S.O.S. bottle below to protect your health (and intimate relationships) today.


candidate s.o.s.Candidate S.O.S. Benefits


  • Safely and quickly relieve symptoms of candida overgrowth
  • Quenches itch
  • Stops indigestion, congestion, fatigue, headaches and more.
  • Promote normal candida balance
  • Restores lost energy and overall vitality.
  • Provide fast, natural relief with no negative side effects*.
  • Alkalizes the body (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)


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