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What Are Zeolites?

What Are Zeolites?


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What is Zeolite?

A Zeolite is a very important natural mineral that has some very unique properties. It is probably the one substance you will want to have around in your medical cabinet.  These Natural Zeolites are so powerful that they are the number one remedy for radiation exposure, toxicity and poisoning. They remove harmful heavy metals like mercury, lead, barium, aluminum and nickel just to name a few. The miracle is in zeolites structure and ability to attract toxins and trap them, so your body can effectively flush them from your body safely and permanently.


Natural Zeolite Crystal


Zeolites Crystals

Zeolite (also known as Zeolit or Clinoptilolite) is a crystal mineral that has a highly symmetrical honeycomb shape that attract positively charged metals (that are damaging to our body) like a magnet traps metal filings. It is made up of silicon crystals that are beautiful and a living (yes, crystals are actually living and grow) example of sacred geometry (like the music of the spheres). Have you ever wondered why our macro environment is called a Universe, meaning one verse or song? It’s taught by our ancestors and greatest thinkers of all time (including most religions) that the word or sound began all material creation in this universe.


zeolite uses


Zeolite Uses

Zeolites have many important and potentially live saving uses. They detox your body quickly of nuclear radiation like cesium 137 and Iodine 131. The also eradicate Viruses (Norovirus, Rotavirus, H1N1, HIV, HPV, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc,), Removes heavy metals from your body (these cause Huntington’s Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases to name a few). It is a natural cure for cancer as tumors are surrounded and smothered by the zeolite molecule. The miracle is that these natural zeolites are safe for humans, plants and your best friends (pets)!


It only removes the positively charged type of toxins that cause illness and disease in our bodies. They work with your body and are much safer than (mercury containing) vaccinations for viral infections, because vaccines actually cause more disease than they help. There are also reports of microchip implants (satellite tracking devices) that are smaller than a grain of sand that are also in these vaccinations! Just say “NO!”


Here’s an example of what zeolites structure can do for your health:


For more information, visit: Zeolite AV


Holistic Dentistry

If you visit a traditional dentist or dental center then you’ve probably had or have amalgam dental fillings (filled with mercury) in your mouth, damaging your whole body and particularly your brain and nervous system.  (If you do have them, visit a holistic dentistry center to have them safely removed). And be sure to take some natural zeolites Before & After you have them removed!


A lot of people end up getting real sick, while these toxins are becoming airborne and inhaled into their lungs. It can also spread into your bloodstream, but it is more important to get them removed than anything else. If you take some of these zeolites before and after you get them removed, you will get out of this mess in much better shape. And you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards too. To find out more or to keep some in your emergency kit Click Here.


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