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Herbs for Radiation Poisioning and Protection

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Herbs for Radiation Protection and Poisoning


herbs for radiation exposure sickness protection


Radiation Protection

Unfortunately for all of us on this planet, radiation is all around us. It’s not the natural radiation that we’re worried about in this case, it’s the nuclear type radiation and EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies like cellphones and Edison’s smart meters) that wreak havoc on our internal organs, cells and DNA. Fortunately, there are some natural things you can do to not get ill or radiation poisoning (which can be highly lethal and rupture your internal cells and organs).


Zeolite is top natural supplement against radiation exposure and toxicity. Here is a video explaining how this powerful natural remedy for radiation works so well against nuclear radiation and heavy metals:


Find out more about Zeolite.


Pine Pollen, which comes from white and other pine trees and is the natural growth and replication factors for the tree, as well as a line of protection against predators and environmental toxins. Watch this brief video by survivalist and herb expert Arthur Haines explaining how this marvelous natural radiation remedy works:


Here is Arthur Haines’ Recommendation: Surthrival Pine Pollen


Radiation Poisoning Treatment

Listed in order or potency and importance (the first two are most important):

  • Zeolite Detox (The best natural supplement against radiation and heavy metal poisoning and exposure) Take as directed.
  • Nascent Iodine (Protects and energizes your thyroid gland naturally)
  • Pine Pollen (natural substance from pine trees that detoxes radiation, particularly cesium)
  • Ashwagandha Extract – (An Adaptogenic Herb that helps strengthen the Thyroid Gland)
  • SOD (Super-Oxide Dismutase – High level anti-oxidant with life extension properties
  • Laminaria Kelp (natural source of iodine that is safe unlike Potassium Iodine (and naturally detoxes Radiation)
  • Medicinal Mushrooms (take as indicated 3 times per day – very powerful immune system boosters that protect against radiation, particularly Reishi Mushroom)
  • Beta d-Glucan ( 1 500mg capsule per day – protects from radiation exposure)
  • Burdock Root extract (organic preferred, use as indicated on label – up to 3 times a day – removes radioactive isotopes from the body)
  • Bladderwrack (one of the best sources of iodine which is really potent against radiation)
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil – use aerial parts of herb, tincture or extract, helps the body eliminate radiation poisoning)
  • Cilantro Leaf (Coriander – use fresh organic on foods or as a supplement as indicated – natural heavy metal detox (cesium 137 and plutonium are heavy metals)
  • Ginseng (get red ginseng if you can, take as indicated on label 3 times per day – helps detox radiation)
  • Milk Thistle (as indicated on label 3 times per day – helps the liver detox radiation)
  • Marine Algae (Chlorophyll – increases resistance to radiation poisoning and toxicity)
  • Bentonite Clay (edible clay – 1 tablespoon in juice or water per day for a radiation detox treatment)


You should also take nice hot baths with natural unprocessed dead sea salt (the highest natural mineral content), baking soda and dried ginger (about a 1/2 cup each for prevention, or 1 cup each for detox treatment in as hot water as you can stand).


It is also important to make sure the food that you eat and the water that you drink is safe and is helping you instead of hurting you. Visit the websites below for more information on radiation protection and treatment.


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