Homeopathic Medicine for Flu

homeopathic medicine for the flu

Homeopathic Medicine for Flu

The flu bug can strike anytime of the year, although it is most common during the cooler fall and winter months. Being prepared can save you from a week of agony or worse. Homeopathic Medicine for Flu keep your immune system balanced and ready for anything so you won't miss a beat, now matter what virus of the year or month seems to be going around. Your immune system is the only thing that can protect you from getting really sick, not vaccines, not antibiotics. 

Once you discover how well homeopathic medicine for flu and cold works you will probably never get another vaccine. And that would be a very wise choice, with all the serious and sometimes lethal side effects of the flu vaccine. I personally haven't gotten another vaccine since I was in the Marines (the only time I was ever really sick, and yes from receiving multiple types of vaccines at once.) After that I vowed never to take another one, and unsurprisingly, I have not been sick since.


I use homeopathic medicine for flu and it has kept me healthy, even with every virus outbreak that has came out since the 1980's, including the current Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus, which is in the influenza or flu family of viruses and has similar symptoms to the flu. Prevention is far better than cure, so by keeping your immune system balanced (boosted when low, balanced when higher.) You don't want an overactive immune system as it can lead to autoimmune conditions. Balance is key in life and using the best homeopathic medicine for flu does just that.


cold vs flu virus


Is it the Cold or Flu?

Is it the Cold or the Flu? Cold and flu symptoms have some similarities, but there are differences. The flu virus causes more serious symptoms like, respiratory distress (trouble breathing), nausea, fever, body aches and diarrhea. The cold virus usually causes light respiratory discomfort like coughing, sniffles, sneezing, watery eyes and itchy throat. Check out the above chart above to find out the differences between the flu and cold symptoms. The homeopathic medicine for flu or cold (shown at the bottom of this page) protects you from both of them.


If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms then the faster you take care of it the less severe will be and the quicker you will be over it. Use the homeopathic medicine for flu and cold at the bottom of this page and you get relief and protection from future outbreaks as well. Keep yourself hydrated as a dry throat or sinuses can cause small cracks in your tissues that leave an opening for pathogens like the cold or flu virus to enter. Prevention is always better than cure.

Is the Flu Vaccine Safe?

Is the Flu Vaccine safe? Most people would assume that by getting the yearly flu shot that they would not be affected. The opposite is the truth. People who get the flu vaccine are almost 90% more likely to get the flu. If you've ever gotten vaccinated for the flu or other “outbreak” going around then you've been poisoned! You need get the harmful vaccine ingredients  like viruses, human fetal cells, heavy metals, neurotoxins and chemicals out of your body safely. See Vaccine Detox.


You don't need vaccines to be healthy, you need a healthy immune system to be healthy. Vaccines do the opposite, they poison healthy cells as well and wipe out your immune system. They can cause you to have a compromised immune system and get a disease like HIV, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Keep your immune system properly balanced and use homeopathic medicine for flu preventatively and you won't want another vaccine ever again.


Natural zeolites can also be helpful as they can help prevent a weakened immune system. Zeolite Pure (pictured below) is a pure therapeutic grade micronized zeolite powder that protects your immune system from infection. It is also a heavy metal, radiation and virus detox as well as natural cancer remedy.. 

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Zeolite Mineral

The natural zeolite mineral is very good at not only preventing infections but stopping them too. Zeolite is a natural antiviral, antimicrobial, antitoxin for mycotoxins (fungus, yeast and mold) and it can detox heavy metals and radiation out of your body safely. It is a potent natural anti-cancer relief supplement as well. It can help relieve the terrible side effects of the medical treatment of cancer (radiation, chemotherapy) while reducing tumors on its own. Here is what the zeolite mineral does in your body to invading viruses like the cold and flu virus:

How Zeolite Removes Viruses

Zeolite AV (Zeolite Antiviral) is an natural anti-viral remedy made with micronized zeolite powder (zeolite pure) in this formula. It is the exact zeolite used in scientific research and medical studies that has shown it is effective against viral infections. Humic Acid which is in the zeolite formula has been shown in independent studies to coat and isolate the virus before it can attach to a healthy cell and multiply, thereby allowing our immune cells (now optimized from the zeolite) to find and eradicate the virus. It works in harmony with the homeopathic medicine for flu, so you can use it at the same time if you are in an area of outbreak or visiting someone in a hospital. 

homeopathic medicine for the flu


Homeopathic Immunity Boosters

Keeping your immune system properly balanced makes all the difference in whether you actually catch an infection when it is going around or you remain completely healthy and symptom free. Homeopathic Immunity Boosters like the Biogetica Immunity Kit (pictured above) do just that and even stop the spread of an infection (virus or bacteria) as well as relieving your flu symptoms like respiratory distress, nausea, weakness, fever and feeling broken down. It is by far the best homeopathic medicine for flu (complete immune system protection kit) that also gives you pain relief so you start feeling better ASAP!


Preventing an infection is the way to go and using homeopathy (the science of balance) restores immune system balance so you're at your best. If you already have the cold or flu you can use the homeopathic medicine for flu remedy called Cold-Fix (shown above) to stop it from spreading and relieve the symptoms of the flu or cold. It is safe, non-habit forming and works rapidly without harmful side effects.

homeopathic medicine for the flu


Homeopathic Medicine for the Flu

Here are the best natural Homeopathic Medicine for the Flu remedies that you need to have on hand. Use them individually or in combination to prevent cold and flu symptoms or treat them naturally. Here are the best things to use to stop cold and flu symptoms from stopping you.

  • Biogetica Immunity Kit is a natural homeopathic medicine for flu that protects and relieves flu and cold virus as well as the symptoms. It is a powerful homeopathic medicine for the flu kit stops  the spread of an infection (virus or bacteria) as well as relieving your flu symptoms like respiratory distress, nausea, weakness, fever and feeling broken down. It also gives you pain relief.
  • Best Colloidal Silver is a nano colloidal silver and it is a very potent immune system simulator and protects you against other types of viral and bacterial infections as well as cancers. It is naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It can stop colds, flu and viral infections.
  • Zeolite Antiviral – Natural mineral that stops viruses, detoxes heavy metals and radiation (it was used to clean up the Fukushima spill) and it is a natural cancer protection remedy as well. It is highly recommended and can be safely combined with the homeopathic medicine for flu.

You can use homeopathic medicine for flu with any of the other homeopathic or mineral supplements together or separately. They are safe for adults and children too, and don't have harmful side effects. Keep your natural immunity boosted and balanced and you won't catch whatever bug of the month or year is going around. Protect your most valuable asset in the world – your health!


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