How to Treat Insomnia

how to treat insomnia natuarlly

How to Treat Insomnia

How to Treat Insomnia Naturally! Although there can be many causes for temporary and chronic insomnia, the most common reasons appear to be an over-stimulation of the left brain (chattering mind) and pain that is causing you to not be comfortable enough to get calm enough to sleep.  Even mild physical or emotional trauma or shocking event that you are involved in or have even seen on your local news broadcast can rob you of a good nights sleep.


Traditional pain medications work wonders for physical pain in an emergency situation, but you don’t want to become dependent on them as you will be lethargic (slow and out of it) for quite a while afterwards. The same goes for traditional sleeping pills, they work “sometimes” by trying to deaden your senses, but the moment you stop, your insomnia will be even worse. Not a great idea overall.


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Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?

If you’re laying in bed tired, but unable to get even a hint of sleep, you may be asking the universe “Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?”  Your chattering mind is all about the thinking side of your brain (left brain) being over active. By bringing it back into normal balance with your right brain (which is the side that should be active during, rest, relaxation and sleep), you are to fall asleep normally. 


You’ve probably heard of beta brain wave frequency, which is the state we are in when we are wide awake and going about our day. Alpha is that state where our brain becomes more balanced and into relaxation or going deeper into sleep states like, theta and delta (deep sleep). You can get a Binaural or Isochronic beat audio tract (Delta Sleep Audio) that will put your brain in the exact Delta level “Sleep State” that it needs for deep restorative and relaxing sleep.


What you sleep on makes all the difference as well! If your mattress is too uncomfortable (too soft, too hard) or you sleep at the wrong temperature you will toss and turn all night. If you sleep cold, then use a weighted blanket and it will really help you fall asleep. If you sleep hot like I do then get a gel foam cooling mattress (I really like the Nectar one.) It’s what I now use (had a sleep number before) and now I don’t wake up covered in sweat and can sleep all night, and wake up refreshed! 



Best Mattress for Hot Sleeper

You need to sleep cool to actually not wake up at night. Sleep researchers show that the ideal temperature for sleep is 68 degrees. If you are a hot sleeper like I am, and wake up sweating, then get the naturally cooling Best Mattress for Hot Sleeper.  I never though I would sleep on a foam type mattress, because I tend to sleep hot, but the newest ones have gel cooling technology that are also breathable. It is sturdy and firm, yet comfortable, even on my side, and I’m a natural bodybuilder with broad shoulders. 


I also got a bamboo mattress protector as they are cooler and breathable a well. I had a sleep number mattress that is great, but I sleep so much better in my gel mattress. It’s the Nectar Gel Foam Mattress and it has a full year (365 day no risk trial) It also comes with a Forever Warranty, Free Shipping and Returns and an amazing 4.8 out of 5 Star Review with over 5736 customer reviews.) It is a much better warranty than my Sleep Number! I now sleep through the whole night and wake up feeling happy and not yawning every few minutes like before!


Homeopathy for Sleep


Homeopathic Remedy for Sleep

Restoring natural sleep wake cycles help you fall asleep normally. Using a Homeopathic Remedy for Sleep (pictured above) can help restore that natural balance so you fall asleep naturally and get a full restorative good night’s sleep every night. Homeopathy is a combination of the art and science of homeostasis or natural balance and ease. Dis-ease and imbalance are what causes negative health conditions. Restoring your natural balance in mind and body will make your body resistant to disease and conditions that cause chronic discomfort, like insomnia and sleeplessness.


Homeopathy can be used with other methods as well as it uses a different pathway in your body. It is the best way for mental, emotional and stressful type conditions. Herbal Remedies are also a part of mother nature’s natural healing and balancing pharmacy. I personally like starting with homeopathy and using herbs and other natural techniques when needed. If you have sleep apnea or snore (snoring causes sleep apnea) then you will want to take care of that first, as that can be a main cause of chronic insomnia.


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How to Stop Insomnia

Here is a great method that shows you How to Stop Insomnia and finally get the rest you need and deserve. If you snore then you will most likely have sleep apnea and that will cause a lack of oxygen to your brain and will cause you to wake up frequently. If you stop your snoring and sleep apnea you will sleep much better without waking up many times a night. There is an awesome guide to Stop Snoring Tonight (shown above) that will show you exactly how to stop your snoring and sleep apnea so you can fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.


One thing that really helps is to develop a natural sleep routine. Try most nights to begin unwinding at the same time if possible, like an hour before sleep. You can use these tips to help:

  • Limit Carbohydrate consumption before bed (try cottage cheese, avocado, or a handful of nuts instead)
  • Dim the Lights, including TV, Computer and Phone Screens. Use a free program called f.lux (it auto adjusts computer or phone light to the warm red spectrum, like a sunset.) Blues tend to keep you awake. I use this program regularly and it really helps
  • Lower the temperature in your home to 68 degrees, making sure your bed is comfortable, making sure your room is dark as possible. Light activates your pineal gland. Dark helps you make natural melatonin for restful sleep
  • Use the best essential oils for sleep by using an aromatherapy difusser, rubbing a few drops on your neck before bed or even on your pillow so you fall asleep quickly and gently
  • Use a natural non-addicting herbal Nature Sleep formula (pictured below) when you really need a good nights sleep!



Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Natural Sleep Formula is one of the best Natural Remedies for Insomnia because it calms the active side of your mind, and allows the dreamy side of your mind to become the active part. The result is you fall asleep naturally and train your brain to balance when you close your eyes to nod off to sleep. Here is what people are saying who have also found how well it works (much better than prescription medicines):


how to sleep soundly

easy way to fall asleep

best natural sleep medicine


You will quickly be back to a “normal” healthy sleep routine and feel less hungry at night and wake up feeling totally energized and refreshed. Now it’s your turn to get some well deserved rest. Click on the Nature Sleep or Order Now button below and begin experiencing true peace of mind and body!


Nature Sleep Benefits

  • Brings You a Good Nights Sleep!
  • Balances Excess Mental Stimulation
  • Balances Emotional Stress
  • Wake Up Feeling Fresh and Alert (no post-sleep grogginess)
  • Provide fast, doctor-formulated relief with no negative side effects


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