Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

alkaline water health benefits

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

I'm sure you've heard of alkaline water by now. You see people at the gym drinking it, professional athletes, and even find it being served in fine restaurants. Is alkaline water any better than normal pH tap water and what are the real Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water? The Water you are drinking now, can either heal you and make you feel great, or it can weaken you and literally make you sick. 

Most people take for granted that the water they are drinking (typically bottled and even tap water) is safe and even healthy to drink. If you are drinking tap water or even most bottled water, you should read on as you can be robbing your body's (and brain's) health. Your body's pH (or parts hydrogen) level greatly determines whether you are at peak health or develop a chronic illness, catch a viral infection or even get cancer.


Balance is key here as in everything. You need acids for digestion in your stomach and for cleaning your skin. For everything else you need a balanced or slightly alkaline pH level. The challenge in your life today will be that most foods, beverages and environmental toxins you come in contact are almost always highly acidic. So you just can't use a neutral pH water as it will mix with the acids and become less acidic but still acidic. The benefits of drinking alkaline water will cause your body to come to a healthier alkaline balance where you will look and feel your best. 


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Alkaline vs Acidic Water

What is the difference between Alkaline vs Acidic Water? Water alkalinity or acidity is measured in parts hydrogen or simply pH. Regular tap water, reverse osmosis, distilled and most bottled waters are extremely acidic in nature. This acidity causes the water molecules to become unstructured, with low surface tension and will reduce the effectiveness of any supplements or medicines you are taking as they are not the right molecule size and structure to properly hydrate your body's cells.


If the water is too acidic, your body has to take calcium from your bones and joints to re-mineralize this acidic water. There are so many natural health benefits of drinking alkaline water. An acidic PH level is a direct cause of inflammation in your body and leads to most illnesses! There are also pathogens, heavy metals, prescription drugs, chemicals and waste products in that same water. No wonder most of the people in the so-called “civilized” world have their health so out of whack. 


If you are not drinking alkaline (preferably ionized) water, then you are selling your health short! The other chemicals in acidic water will eventually cause disease, cancers, Alzheimer's, brittle bones, wrinkled saggy skin, and make you look decrepit and much older than you really are. Drinking high pH level alkaline water can make you highly disease resistant and you will look and feel better too as it hydrates your skin and your brain (your brain is 70% water.)


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Alkaline pH

Alkaline pH foods and beverages are what can bring your body into its optimum balance. Tap water is usually acidic, as is most bottled water and all distilled water. Most cities actually add the heavy metals Chloramine and Fluoride to your tap water “for your own good.” This is a serious problem as Sodium Fluoride is a deadly toxin that contrary to popular belief does not prevent tooth decay but causes dental fluorosis instead. It lowers your IQ by around 10 points, makes you weaker, sicker and more sedate. The health benefits of drinking alkaline water, particularly filtered alkaline water are immense on how you look and feel.


Sodium Fluoride is actually the active ingredient in most anti-depressants like Prozac and was placed in the concentration camps in Auschwitz to make the Jewish prisoners less likely to fight back. And that is just Fluoride! Read more about why you should not drink tap or fluoridated water here: Why you must filter your water. So you absolutely need to not only get alkaline water but one that is properly filtered to get all the toxic contaminants out too, particularly fluoride! Bottled water still has these harmful chemicals in it, but having your own water filter makes sure your water is pure and alkaline.  


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Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

What are the Health Benefits of Alkaline Water? There are so many benefits of drinking alkaline water on health, including advanced muscle recovery and healing. Since most of what you take into your body is acidic, even negative or stressful thoughts and emotions have an acidic effect on your body. They create the stress hormone cortisol that is an acidic hormone. Alkaline water can help balance those negative effects away naturally. Here are a few of the many benefits of drinking alkaline water on your health:

  • Removes excess acids in your body (acidity leads to most major diseases including cancer, immune diseases, inflammatory diseases, arthritis, and chronic bowel conditions)
  • Restores lost energy from chronic fatigue from a highly acidic body
  • Makes you more resistant to disease, viruses and cancers (that need an acidic body to live in)
  • Helps your body recover from illness and post exercise (lactic acid removal)
  • Filtering or Making your own alkaline water helps our entire planet by reducing oil consumption (used to truck bottled water many miles to local stores) and stops plastic bottle waste

It also has a beneficial effect on your brain and nervous system, since your brain is mostly water. Alkaline water, and particularly ionized alkaline water, makes you feel completely balanced in brain and body. The benefits of drinking alkaline water include mental health benefits as it helps keep your mood even so you can better handle any kind of stress coming your way.  


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High pH Alkaline Water

How do you make High pH Alkaline Water? I started using my Reverse Osmosis System for cooking, bathing and cleaning but started using alkaline water as my drinking water, especially when working out or for recovery afterwords. I got a alkaline Water Ionizer immediately! He was definitely on the right track with this. I did my own research it totally confirmed what he has told me. The taste different is clear, and how I feel afterwards is even better. It not only quenches my thirst but hydrates my skin as well, and that makes me look really good, not just in the gym but later in the evenings at social events too!


There is one thing that makes a big difference in your health and beauty profile (handsomeness if you're a man) and that's saturating your body with the health and rejuvenating benefits of drinking alkaline water. When the water is alkalized and ionized it becomes highly structured with a high surface tension, alkaline and has the toxins and pathogens filtered out. If you've seen how red blood cells clump together when people are dehydrated or ill, then you know how this can cause health problems.


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Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

What are Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits? Ionized water gives you the highest therapeutic level (healing, recovery, performance) of any alkaline water. It has all the benefits of high pH alkaline water but adds antioxidants, smaller oxygen cluster size, greater hydrogen content, and advanced hydration effects too.

  • It reduces total body inflammation and hydrates all your cells
  • You get more energy (ionized water has more electrical potential)
  • Completely hydrates and oxygenates your entire body, inside and out
  • Makes blood and lymph cells more fluid and electrically charged
  • Removes the cause of many diseases (acidity and inflammation)
  • Makes your skin and hair look fully radiant, elastic and youthful
  • Quenches Your Thirst! 

Holistic health professionals have studied it and how it is benefiting their clients and improving how they think, look, act and feel. Watch the video below to show the benefits of drinking alkaline water and what an ionized alkaline water filter or machine does for your health and performance:


Ionized Alkaline Water Filter: Water Part 1


Ionized water uses electrolysis to separate the acidic particles from the alkaline particles, resulting in PH adjusted water. You can set an ionizer to produce acidic water (which is great for cleaning up around the house). Water treated with distillation or reverse osmosis produces only acidic water as they take out the beneficial minerals and structure of the water, micro-clustering and high surface tension needed to hydrate all your living cells. Listen to what microbiologist Jason Fowler (affiliate of Dr. Robert O. Young of the PH Miracle Research Center) has discovered about the healing benefits of micro-clustered, alkaline ionized water:


Blood Sample Experiment Part One


How to Make Ionized Water

How to Make Ionized Water. The best way to make the highest quality ionic water is to use a water ionizer machine. A good alkaline water ionizer can be used to make highly alkaline water in minutes and help keep you healthy and feeling great! Tyent is the best selling water ionizer in the USA. These healthy devices transform ordinary tap water into healing and rejuvenating, deliciously hydrating water. Use this alkaline water ionizer to purify your water from disease causing living pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa.)


The benefits of drinking alkaline water and changing your water’s pH structure from acid to alkaline, and transform your standard tap water into a powerful antioxidant. If you’re on a budget, then make sure to take a look at my favorite water filter, the pure effect water filters. It will not only filter out radiation, heavy metals and pathogens, it will give you pure alkaline water too! It's not an ionizer but still produces purified alkaline water.


You can go to your favorite store and purchase alkaline ionized water and it will cost you about 10 dollars a gallon! It is totally worth it if you want peak performance, are healing from a chronic illness, particularly a viral infection or cancer. Drinking alkaline PH ionized water solves this problem for you! Ionized drinking water is making a huge difference in my own life, as a natural bodybuilder, health & fitness guru, the way I look, feel and perform means everything!


I got a tester and saw that it was truly high pH alkaline water and had a high ORP (antioxidant) level as well. I now drink it all the time and am never sick! The prices have dropped quite a bit since they were first introduced for the public.  Professional athletes use it for superior performance and recovery, when they need to at their peak level of health. You can now get your own Alkaline Water Machine and make your own for pennies on the dollar. They not only make alkaline ionized water but also highly purify the water!


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Alkaline Water Home System

The best way to improve the health of yourself and everyone in your home (or office) is to use your own Alkaline Water Home System. You can get a countertop unit or an under the sink unit. They even have portable water ionizers. Ionizing and Alkalizing the water creates the highest quality (structured, micro-clustered, alkaline and mineralized) and by far the best tasting drinking water you have ever had. Try it for yourself and you won't go back.


Alkaline Water Ionizers and recovery. I did just that when a friend of mine (Giovanni) gave me the information on the benefits of drinking alkaline water that has also been ionized, and had me actually sample it. I love how clean and pure it tastes, it's all the minerals and electrolytes in it. I tried it during and after my daily hike, and it helped me prevent the usual muscle soreness from lactic acid buildup.


Ionized bottled water can be a quick fix but should not be the staple of your drinking water because it does not have the same properties as health grade ionized water that is bottled by you! Besides, the plastic bottles bleed plastic into the water. There is also a huge disposal and waste problem along with the cost to the environment and waste disposal. For more information on the total benefits of drinking alkaline water that is ionized and full of antixoidants, click on the Tyent Water Ionizer image below now!


benefits of drinking alkaline water

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