What is Homeopathic Medicine

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What is Homeopathic Medicine

What is Homeopathic Medicine? Homeopathic Medicine is one of the original natural healing therapies used for hundreds of years successfully all over the world. It is the predominant healing therapy, along with Ayurveda in India and in Asia. It is a type of Alternative or Holistic Medicine that focuses on bring a person (mind, body and spirit) back to a state of wholeness (holistic) and optimum wellness.


It is not just “health management” or “sick care” like conventional medicine but restores a person to their natural homeostasis (equilibrium) or state of complete healthy balance. It does successfully treat the symptoms like conventional or allopathic medicine, but it also treats the cause of your symptoms and gives you safe and effective relief for the long term. 

Homeopathy is a true Law of Attraction based medicine, that is created to vibrate at the same level as what is causing your symptoms. Royal Raymond Rife knew this over 50 years ago. The microscope he developed is still one of the best ever invented. Rife showed that each virus, bacteria, cancer or pathogen has a specific vibration that could be matched and “canceled out” by sending a sound wave of the exact vibrational rate.


This caused what was causing the symptoms to implode and since the cause was now taken care of, the symptoms naturally went away. No harsh prescriptions, surgeries, radiation or chemotherapies (cancer causing treatments) were needed.


Introduction to Homeopathy - Dr. Sandra Kamiak

Introduction to Homeopathy

Introduction to Homeopathy.  Homeopathic medicine is a fascinating way to bring you back to your natural state of balance and wellness. It is a natural healing method developed hundreds of years ago and works just as well now as it did then. Listen to the above demonstration video on natural homeopathic medicine and what it can do for you by Dr. Sandra Kamiak, a licensed natural Homeopathic Physician.


She is an active and practicing holistic health professional and believes in true healing and karma (I wouldn't be treated by anyone who doesn't believe in karma, because those that do will be much less likely to do harm, and would rather do good for all.) Homeopathy works with your body by influencing your own body to heal itself and bring itself back to its natural state of wellness. Your body is highly intelligent can can do miracles if you only support it naturally.


Homeopathic medicine does just that. It really shines when your symptoms are due to emotional, nervous, phobia driven and mental or psychological conditions. Its positive balancing effect can be almost miraculous to those who haven't used it before. It is called an Alternative Medicine, although it is the actual safe and effective medicine unlike modern or conventional medicine. Does Homeopathy really work?


does homeopathic medicine work


Does Homeopathy Work?

Does Homeopathy Work? If you get the correct medicine based on your personal situation, then it absolutely works, better than anything else! Even Mahatma Gandhi knew this as he studied both types of medicine, as did Dr. Deepak Chopra (a Harvard trained physician.) Homeopathic remedies can do what modern medicine can't, actually heal the cause of your symptoms, not just put a band-aid over your symptoms.


It is a safe and effective natural medicine that can help bring you into a state of peak wellness and health. Conventional medicine does not allow anyone to use the words “heal” or “cure” as it is harmful to their business model (profit for their shareholders, not health to the patient.) There are so many “cover ups” in modern medicine that it is just plain sickening.


They try and stop people from using natural medicine like Alternative Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicines. Why? Because they actually work, and take clients away and money out of their pockets. A healed person is a customer lost. 


Homeopathic Ingredients


What is in Homeopathic Medicine

What is in Homeopathic Medicine? Homeopathy Remedies takes that same principle, and instead of sound vibration waves, it uses natural plants, minerals and other organic matter that has the same vibration that matches what is causing your symptoms of illness, condition or disease (dis-ease, the lack of ease). It is charged with the ultraviolet rays of sunlight in either distilled (empty) water, or an natural alcohol base.


Homeopathic medicine is then diluted hundreds or thousands of times, so that the original substance is no longer detectable but the imprint is there, and that is what draws it to itself and balances your body so you no longer have those symptoms of illness or imbalance in your body. Water has memory, and that has been proven many times over, most recently by the fascinating discoveries of Masaru Emoto as detailed in his groundbreaking scientific (and spiritual) work “The True Power of Water.” This proves that water can be infused with the energy of its environment, including sound, words, and even intention.


Our bodies (as well as our planet) is made up of mostly water. Hence, the Law of Attraction medicine in action. Water and Emotions have always been connected since ancient times. Astrology has this correlation, with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) being more internally sensitive to emotional swings, until the individual chooses to recognize that sensitivity and respond in a positive life-sustaining manner.


homeopathic dilutions chart


Homeopathic Dilutions

Homeopathic Dilutions are the power behind making a safe and effective natural healing remedy for all people, and for our animal friends too. As the chart above shows, the more a homeopathic medicine is diluted, the stronger its healing power becomes. It is because it has more drawing power if it is highly diluted. It needs to have “empty” placeholders that draw like a magnet that to which it is attracted, in this case, what is causing your symptoms of illness or disease (dis-ease.)


When your body is in complete balance, it is in a perfect state of ease. When it is becomes imbalanced it is called dis-ease or disease. Homeopathy is all about balance. It works well for most conditions, especially those dealing with mental, psychological, or emotional concerns. Because those conditions are always imbalances and are treated successfully with homeopathy where chemical medicines always fail. But are homeopathic remedies really safe?


Is Homeopathy Safe


Is Homeopathic Medicine Safe?

Is Homeopathic Medicine Safe? As the homeopathic medicine dilutions section above explains, the substance used to make the homeopathic preparation is so diluted with water that there is no longer any single particle of the original substance. It is basically charged water, only H2O is detectable. And water is safe to consume if it is pure and if you don't drink unsafe amounts, like gallons and can't eliminate properly. Homeopathy is safe for children, men, women, seniors and even pets.


Of all medicines it is the safest, even organic herbal medicines can have side effects if combined with prescription medicines or other herbs improperly. Homeopathy takes all that guess work away as it is both safe and also highly effective. It has been around for hundreds of years and not harmful effects have taken a single life, unlike chemical medicines which are the second leading cause of fatality in the world! I'll take homeopathy all day long over prescription medicines!


Homeopathy Treatment


Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy Treatment is symptom specific. You start where you are; what symptoms of imbalance are you seeing, feeling and experiencing? When you can list what is bothering you, you can do something about it, and homeopathy can help you return to your natural state of balance, wellness and happiness. When you are in total balance, you are naturally at peace in your mind, body and spirit.


Conventional medical treatments just can't do that. They use a “magic bullet” approach that throws your whole body (and mind) out balance. There is no magic bullet. the only thing shot will be your health if you live with that type of medicine! Homeopathic Treatments work with your body in natural cycles. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shows that each one of your body systems has specific times that organs rebuild tissues, and times where they primarily discharge and flush old cells and toxins out.


Homeopathy takes this into account when the homeopathic remedies are created. Homeopathic medicine creates balance in your body so you look and feel your best. If you want something that restores your natural health and balance, then homeopathic medicines are the best you can get!


Best Homeopathic Medicine


Best Homeopathic Remedies

The Best Homeopathic Remedies are matched to your individual symptoms so it can match the vibration and draw away from the body that which is causing the symptoms. I like Biogetica Homeopathic Remedies (they will give you a free consultation if you want help picking the best homeopathic remedy for your situation. These Homeopathic Medicines are highly recommended because they have high success rates and positive reviews.


Homeopathic Medicine is safe, effective and made under strict guidelines and are even FDA approved natural remedies. No seek and destroy mission here. Only bringing our bodies back to their healthy and natural state of balance. You can use the search feature on the main page to search for any condition, challenge or symptoms that you are currently experiencing and find an appropriate natural remedy that will work for you! 


Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective that work with your own body's unique architecture to effect a permanent positive outcome (sometimes called a “cure.”) You just feel in balance after using these holistic healing natural remedies. Blessings to all who are seeking to become whole (from where the term holistic comes from).

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