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Homeopathic Medicines for Natural Healing

Homeopathy and Natural Healing


Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicinehomeopathic remedies is a wonderful tool for bringing our bodies, minds and spirits back into their normal healthy states. It is a Law of Attraction based medicine, that is created to vibrate at the same level as what is causing your symptoms. Royal Raymond Rife knew this over 50 years ago. The microscope he developed is still one of the best ever invented. Rife showed that each virus, bacteria, cancer or pathogen has a specific vibration that could be matched and “canceled out” by sending a sound wave of the exact vibrational rate. This caused what was causing the symptoms to implode and since the cause was now taken care of, the symptoms naturally went away. No harsh prescriptions, surgeries, radiation or chemotherapies were needed.


Homeopathy Remedies

Homeopathy Remedies takes that same principle, and instead of sound vibration waves, it uses natural plants, minerals and other organic matter that has the same vibration that matches what is causing your symptoms of illness, condition or disease (dis-ease, the lack of ease). It is charged with the ultraviolet rays of sunlight in either distilled (empty) water, or an natural alcohol base. Water has memory, and that has been proven many times over, most recently by the fascinating discoveries of Masaru Emoto as detailed in his groundbreaking scientific (and spiritual) work “The True Power of Water.” This proves that water can be infused with the energy of its environment, including sound, words, and even intention. Our bodies (as well as our planet) is made up of mostly water. Hence, the Law of Attraction medicine in action.


Water and Emotions have always been connected since ancient times. Astrology has this correlation, with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) being more internally sensitive to emotional swings, until the individual chooses to recognize that sensitivity and respond in a positive life-sustaining manner. Homeopathy likewise shines when it’s dealing with emotional, nervous, phobia driven and mental or psychological conditions. Its positive balancing effect can be almost miraculous to those who haven’t studied it. To those of us who have, it’s all in a days work.


Any Homeopathic Remedy will be matched to your individual symptoms so it can match the vibration and draw away from the body that which is causing the symptoms. No seek and destroy mission here. Only bringing our bodies back to their healthy and natural state of balance. You can use the search feature on the main page to search for any condition, challenge or symptoms that you are currently experiencing and find an appropriate, safe and effective homeopathic remedy that will work with your own body to effect a permanent positive outcome (sometimes called a “cure.”)  Blessings to all who are seeking to become whole (from where the term holistic comes from). For more information visit the Homeopathy Catalogue or call toll free (888) 338-4108 for a good selection of homeopathic medicines!

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