Natural Homeopathic Cold and Flu Remedies


homeopathy for cold flu



Why Homeopathy for Cold and Flu?

Viral infections are the cause of the common cold and influenza (Flu) symptom that affect almost everyone at some point in the year. They usually cause us to suffer to varying degrees with many uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately homeopathy has an answer to help you not only get relief, but reduce or even prevent the bug from getting you if you take it during the cold/flu season.


The symptoms are somewhat similar, although the flu virus seems to last a bit longer and cause more body aches and discomfort overall.  Check out the chart below to find out the differences easily:



cold vs flu virus



I will highly recommend that you avoid getting the standard vaccinations (which is what  standard medical doctors usually advise you to do) because it’s unsafe and can make you potentially sicker long-term, and doesn’t protect you now either! Read the following article for more information on why you should never take a shot, or God forbid take your kids to get one (you can get an exclusion for “Religious Purposes” and I highly suggest you do at all costs! Click Here to read why.






How does the Cold or Flu Virus Affect My Body?

The common Cold or Flu Virus is very tiny, much, much smaller than bacteria. It has the ability to hide out and wait till your immune system is weak and vulnerable and then it will go full spread attack against your from the inside out! That’s why keeping your natural immunity boosted is your best and safest bet against all pathogens, including the dreaded viruses.


Watch this short animated video that explains what it does in your body and how to turn the tables on them and kick them out quickly and safely:



Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Symptoms

There are some things you can do naturally that will not only help you feel better quickly now, but also help you prevent future outbreaks, and lessen the severity of infections too.


Use this list to stop the spread of the virus and feel better fast:

  • Zeolite-AV – Natural mineral that stops viruses, cancers and radiation damage
  • FluGo – Homeopathy Remedy that stops your Cold and Flu Symptoms quicky and safely
  • Oscillococcinum – Natural Homeopathy Remedy for the Common Cold
  • OxySilver – Colliodal Silver Hydrosol – Natural Antiviral, Antibacterial and Antifungal Detoxifier
  • Dr. Clark Zapper – Small electronic device that destroys viruses, cancers, worms and parasites
  • Medicinal Mushrooms – Natural Immune System Stimulation that smothers viruses and toxins fast
  • Immunity Boosters – Keeps Your Immune System at Optimum Levels and you disease free!
  • Vitamin-C – This a great classic remedy if you take it immediately upon flu or cold symptoms (8 grams of esterized vitamin C as it’s easiest on your stomach)
  • Drink Alkaline Ionized Water – The toxins in tap water or acidic water weaken your immune system!


You can use these natural remedies either separately, or together is you really need to get better in a hurry, or if everyone around is sick and you want to adequately protect yourself from getting sick in the first place. You can’t go wrong going natural. No side effects, only safe and effective natural healing of your cold and flu symptoms.

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