Homeopathic Medicine for ADHD

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Homeopathic Medicine for ADHD

ADHD is a health condition that affects neural networks and pathways in the brain (brain activity) that has become imbalanced. It is usually that the brain is reacting to excess mental stimulation due to chemical imbalances (usually from toxins and heavy metals in foods that end up in the brain) that need to be balanced for mental calm and clarity to return naturally. Natural Homeopathic Medicine for ADHD helps balance the brain and nervous system so it is not overstimulated, and allows for a natural clear focus to return.


There is an alarming trend in the United States that medical doctors routinely prescribe powerful medicines like Ritalin and Prozac to young children that are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. It is totally counterproductive and unnecessary. It makes the kids lethargic and hurts their education. Homeopathy is a much safer and more effective answer for kids that are diagnosed with ADHD. It seems that is it is really kids just being kids, but being focused can help them learn at a much higher level and using a natural homeopathic remedy for ADHD can make all the difference.


What is ADHD?


What Does ADHD Mean?

What Does ADHD Mean? ADHD is an acronym that stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and closely related to as ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. It is considered a behavioral disorder due to excess neurological or nervous stimulation in children and even adults. A lot of holistic health professionals say that it really isn’t a real condition or issue at all, rather it’s the normal makeup of being a child. 


It is currently being reported as affecting 12% of school aged children (this varies with the school or parent noticing and reporting this disorder). Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adult ADHD) is far less common than ADHD in children. If you are diagnosed with Adult ADHD, then you will want to find ways to bring natural balance to your mind and body. Homeopathic medicine can help both children and adults who may be experiencing trouble concentrating and focusing so they can retain natural clarity in their lives naturally.  


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ADHD in Children

ADHD in Children appears to be more common in boys, although girls have coping mechanisms (ways to cover) their appearance of hyperactivity better than most boys, so it may be more common in girls than reported. It can continue into adulthood if not treated effectively, or if treated with harsh pharmaceutical medications instead of natural remedies that treat the cause of the imbalance instead.


Kids seem to better when they have adequate playtime, particularly outdoors and even in the dirt. Their diets are also very important. The chemicals in the standard American Diet or SAD for short, is harmful rather than beneficial for their mental and physical health. Consider switching to organic non-GMO type foods, without the added chemicals and see if it doesn’t help their behavior and focus.


ADHD in Adults


Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD can affect men and women the same way it affects children. You are in greater control than children are so you will be understand much better about the causes of it and how to become free from it. Adults with ADHD typically have trouble focusing, concentrating and performing anything to completion. They lose interest and can become moody when asked for answers on what they are working on at the moment.


Women and men with ADHD can experience learning difficulties until the problem is remedied. Low mental energy and clarity are at the core of adult with ADHD. It can be successfully treated without harmful medicines as you will discover below. If fact you can improve a whole lot of things by taking care of the cause of ADHD in your life. You will look and feel much better because your mind creates your state of happiness in life. When you feel good, your appearance shows it.


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What are the Causes of ADHD

What are the causes of ADHD. It can be a learned behavior or psychological condition, as well as a personality type. The most common ADHD cause is due to environmental toxins that end up in the brains of those affected with ADD/ADHD. Fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste is a major cause as is vaccines that contain heavy metals like mercury, copper, fluoride and even viruses and bacteria that can interfere with normal brain signals. It is important that you do a natural heavy metal detox to safely get any toxic metals out of your brain. 


It is best to avoid drinking tap water and bottled water that has fluoride in it. Vaccines are harder to avoid because of laws, but I would do everything I could to make sure my kids don’t get these toxins that lead to ADHD and Autism. There are better dental products that don’t use toxic fluoride (that don’t stop cavities, but do cause dental fluorosis.) See Holistic Dentistry for more information on this.


Methylation (which affects neurotransmitters like dopamine) is usually imbalanced in children with ADHD or ADD symptoms and is what medical doctors usually prescribe the pharmaceutical Ritalin for. There are much safer alternatives like Body Brain Energy, shown below. I would avoid prescription medicines for ADHD as the side effects and long term effects can cause real damage.


Yeast toxicity is now being implicated as well, so keeping them in dry clothing when it is warm and not letting them sleep in damp sheets can help prevent the yeast cause of ADHD. If you do suspect a yeast or fungal infection you can use a natural homeopathic remedies for yeast infection to stop yeast from causing ADHD symptoms in children.


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What are the Symptoms for ADHD?

What are the symptoms for ADHD? The symptoms of ADHD vary according to the individual and their personality. Here are some of the most common ADHD symptoms:

  • Becoming Easily Distracted
  • Not remembering things just communicated
  • Becoming bored within a few minutes (I admit that sometimes I get bored if the person speaking is monotone!)
  • Not appearing to listen when being spoken to
  • Difficulty in following simple directions
  • Excess fidgeting or squirming when seated
  • Talking without stopping for long periods of time
  • Touching and feeling everything in sight
  • Always in motion (Can’t seem to be in a state of stillness for any length of time.)
  • Does not work and play well with others! (The classic line)

These are just a few of the common signs, but I’m sure you can add to this list (you can do so in the comments area below!) Medicating with prescription medications is the standard response by the medical community, and one that appears to harm the person long-term as they seek to quiet the “warning symptoms” without resolve what is causing them in the first place. Natural treatments for ADHD support healthy behaviors instead of sweeping the problem under the rug.


natural remedy for adhd


Natural Treatment for ADHD

Fortunately, there is a much, much better way to actually empower them into a healthy, calm and balanced state of mind and body. In my opinion there is nothing better for nervous and emotional support issues than using a Natural Treatment for ADHD like Brain Body Energy (pictured above.) It naturally treats the methylation cause of ADHD with dopamine balancing nutrients that stabilize mood, focus and energy levels without the jitters or side effects.


It helps oxygenate your brain and provide natural energy. It improves hand/eye coordination and improves reaction time. It is a natural nootropic (brain and mental enhancer) that helps naturally boost your concentration, cognition and mental processing speed and abilities. It also helps repair damaged DNA that can cause ADHD symptoms in children and adults. It even helps for chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. You can use it with homeopathy for ADHD to experience a naturally calming balance. 



Homeopathic Treatment of ADHD

Homeopathic Treatment of ADHD works really well. It helps balance the brain and nervous system so clarity and focus can return naturally. Synaptol is a natural homeopathic remedy for ADHD and ADD that treats the cause and symptoms of ADHD naturally and safely. It is safe and effective natural treatment for child with ADHD (including toddlers) as well as a natural treatment for adults with ADHD. It works equally well because it treats the cause of the imbalance, which is the same in adults and children.


Now it’s your turn to get some relief (for yourself and/or your child) by choosing this safe and effective natural homeopathic remedy for ADHD relief. See the Homeopathic Remedy Kit for ADHD and begin experiencing true peace of mind and body!

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